It is the mission of Practical Rehabilitation Services, LLC to treat the person versus just treating the injury.  We go beyond the traditional rehabilitation process to identify, develop, and implement innovative and personalized treatment plans in home and community-based settings for those facing the effects of an acquired brain injury throughout mid-Michigan. Throughout the treatment process we seek to educate the entire circle of caregivers and clinicians so the entire team can build upon common intentions, common terminology, and common techniques to identify and improve vital communication behaviors unique to those impacted by brain injury.​

It is our vision of to go beyond the traditional rehabilitation process to address the chronic communication breakdowns that occur after a brain injury.  Utilizing The PRS Way™, we endeavor to provide cutting edge compensatory strategies and ensure the treatment team has the tools needed to help each individual achieve their  highest levels of functioning and independence.  Our person centered and community integrated  communication rehabilitation approach will fully engage the client with their community  and help them develop and maintain quality interpersonal relationships.​

Our Goal​

Our goal is to provide the tools needed to support independence and insight while breaking down communication barriers to achieve treatment goals and decrease caregiver dependence.  We treat in real life situations with compassion, dignity, and respect.  We collaborate with all community providers involved to assist with successful home and community integration. Our services are measured by the extent to which they change and improve the client’s ability to participate in personally relevant and meaningful activities in their lives.   


Our Vision​

Our Mission​